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Meet the Plaqusters

Welcome to a whole new FUN dental experience with the Plaqusters

Let’s LEAP into our story!

Plaqusters are a super small species of bacteria that live mainly in the mouths of unsuspecting cool people. They are NOT clean and make a big mess everywhere. They LEAP from tooth to tooth, hang out on the gums, under the tongue and although they don’t mean to do harm, they just can’t help themselves. The longer they stick around in your mouth, the more damage they can do to your teeth. The best thing to do is blast them with fluoride and brush them away to a safe place where they can continue the party.

That’s where YOU come in. We make kids the hero in this adventure to help overcome fear and anxiety and win in the battle against plaque and cavities.

During your Leap Kids Dental visit, you are given the tools to help get rid of the Plaqusters! The Leap Kids Dental experience is situated like a “field day obstacle course” with a series of activities throughout the clinic designed to create a fun and educational dental experience for you.

Ready to get started? Click the “Next” button to meet the Plaqusters so you’ll be prepared at your next visit at Leap Kids Dental!