Post­-Procedure Information

It is important for your child’s safety that you follow these instructions carefully. Failure to follow these instructions could result in unnecessary complications.

ACTIVITIES: DO NOT plan or permit activities for your child after treatment. Allow your child to rest. Closely supervise any activity for the remainder of the day.

GETTING HOME: Ideally, one adult should drive your child home and a second responsible adult be available to take care of your child while driving home. Your child should be closely watched for signs of breathing difficulty and carefully secured in a car seat or seat belt during transportation. Do not let your child sleep with his or her chin bent forward toward their chest.

DRINKING or EATING after TREATMENT: It is not uncommon for children to experience nausea and vomiting after surgery. After treatment, the first drink should be plain water or anything given by medical staff at the office/hospital. Clear liquids can be given next (juice, gatorade, ginger ale, etc.). Small drinks taken repeatedly are preferable to taking large amounts. Soft, bland food may be taken when desired (pasta, soup, ice cream, popsicles, etc.).

RECOMMENDED MEDICINE: If your child has safely taken Tylenol or Motrin in the past we recommend using the over the counter medication as directed on the bottle to control any discomfort.

TEMPERATURE ELEVATION: Your child’s temperature may be elevated up to 101o F (38o C) for the first 24 hours after treatment. Tylenol every 4 hours or Motrin every 6 hours and fluids alleviates this condition. Temperature above 101o F (38o C) is cause to notify Leap Kids Pediatric Dentistry.

EXTRACTIONS: If your child had teeth removed, a small amount of bleeding is normal. Do NOT let your child spit forcefully, as this will cause more bleeding. In order to not disturb the blood clot, do NOT use a straw to drink for the first 24 hours or swish vigorously.

BRUSHING: Since your child has had a cleaning and fluoride treatment today, it is not necessary to resume tooth brushing and flossing until tomorrow morning. However, it is VERY IMPORTANT for you to brush and floss your child’s teeth beginning tomorrow morning and twice a day thereafter, to prevent infection and future dental problems. (IT IS NORMAL for gums to bleed around crowns. Brushing consistently will return the gums to health.)

SEEK ADVICE: In the event of a life-threatening emergency call 911. If any of the following problems arise, call Leap Kids Pediatric Dentistry. If for some reason your call is not promptly answered or you feel your child needs immediate attention, call the emergency department at your local hospital:

In the event of a dental emergency or questions after surgery please contact our office.